Well being

We take care of our guests fully: we care about their well-being and, for this reason, we have created a massage room and a yoga room with welcoming and qualified professionals.


Perfumes and aromas, lights and candles, peace and silence: each element helps to create the right atmosphere to give you a moment entirely for yourself.
At Home Mood B&B you will have a suggestive massage room at your disposal, to allow you to have a complete relaxation experience, so as to rebalance body and mind.

The ancient hawaiian massage TECHNIQUE LOMI LOMI

Lomi Lomi , or “loving hands”massagehas its rootsin very ancient times: the first to use it were the Hawaiian shamans (the Ka Huna, literally “the keepers of the secret”, i.e. the healers who hold knowledge). with an initiatory value, to accompany people towards important changes in their lives, to create inner harmony and with the world.

Traditionally it was performed during healing, religious or passage rites, together with dances and songs.
It is a massage that brings benefits on a psychophysical level because it has a holistic approach with the aim of achieving a state of complete well-being.
Today, Lomi Lomi is especially appreciated for its relaxing and regenerative action.

How is it done?

Lomi Lomi involves a series of intense and deep manipulations, also using natural oils and ointments, with fluid movements that reproduce those of the ocean and sea waves in order to release the vital energy called Mana.

Need more information?

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Breathing follows the rhythm of the wind in the trees, so that mind and body can relax: we organize yoga sessions in the common areas of our facilities (such as the swimming pool) to help you regain contact with yourself.

To regenerate and rediscover yourself

Yoga is the union of perception, movement and spirit with the Universe: a psychophysical and energetic path through which to realign oneself, express oneself again through breath and silence.
A real philosophy of life, born in India over two thousand years ago, which today can help us improve our quality of life.

Meditation and introspection allow us to get to know each other better, to get in touch with our deepest parts: in front of a splendid view, in the light of the sunset, with the noises and scents of the surrounding nature, the benefits can only multiply.

Combining all the tranquility of a holiday with the experience of yoga allows you to slow down, find your rhythm and get rid of daily worries.
The large living room that looks directly onto the pool and garden, thanks to its large windows, offers the right relaxing and calm atmosphere where you will be guided by our experts.
We will make you return to life more positive, full of energy and serene.

Discover our facilities for your stay in Gozo.

We look forward to offering you the best.

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